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Our label is called Advance and we have been producing fashion clothing since 1976. Our office is based in Istanbul and our passion is designing new shirts for men. Our samples are continuously adapted to suit new trends and we create four collections a year, one for each season. The new developments on international markets and high-quality fabrics serve as our inspirations and that is how and why we create unique fashionable collections suitable for any occasion. Our shirts are the perfect fit for a business meeting, a night out, or an elegant dinner.

The right shirt makes an outfit something very special. We combine extraordinary designs with high quality.

"Clothes are what make people stand out from the crowd – and our standout shirts do exactly that."

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ADVANCE TREND & LIFESTYLE FASHIONis devoted to the production and the sale of high-quality modern shirts for men. We work together with retailers, brands, the wholesale sector, and the clothes industry. For us it is important to develop new ideas with our customers and adapt each collection together.

ADVANCE TREND & LIFESTYLE FASHION We at Advance develop our fashion shirts on the basis of moodboards and our own colour programs and that is how we create individual collections for each customer. Private label producers are a big part of our own production.

ADVANCE TREND & LIFESTYLE FASHION Advance has its own dedicated office for creating samples and thanks to our excellent relation with our fabric producers we are able to design samples within a very short timeframe. Our production is based in Turkey and our delivery times are a maximum of six to eight weeks.

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